5 Questions With: Christophe Godin

Christophe Godin is the mad guitar scientist behind Mörglbl and Gnô. His uniquely French style is an obvious favorite of everyone at Vigier. He has been playing Vigier instruments for 16 years now and hasn’t missed a beat the entire time. He was kind enough to answer some questions for us as he unwinds from a marathon tour with Mörglbl and prepares for a big push with Gnô.

Christophe Godin

1. Tell us what is up with Morglbl and Gno.

We  just finished a 78 shows tour with Mörglbl to promote Brütal Römance [ Spotify , iTunes ]. We toured France, of course, but also the US, China, Germany, UK, and the overall reaction has been incredibly good everywhere ! We had the chance to play with a LOT of amazing musicians, and to meet fantastic people all around the world. And we’ll go for another round in September with another leg in the US, and probably South America and UK again ! We have decided we’ll tour to play some new stuff and see people’s reaction to test the new songs as we did last time. Then we’ll start the recording process for our 6th release.

At the moment, I am focusing on Gnô. We just started the promotion of the new album named Crass Palace, and we just released Momentum, our first single. We have a new label in France, and we hope to tour as much as possible. We will first focus on France. The band is not as popular as Mörglbl, and we have to build up a strong fanbase first, and then spread the word as much as possible wherever we can!

2. What makes you reach for a guitar more than anything else?

I’ve always been convinced by a guitar if the neck fits my hands naturally. That stroke when I first tried a Vigier 16 years ago : I instantly had the feeling I had played that guitar for years! It’s strange feeling! I can tell in a minute if I’m going to like a guitar at the moment I hold it with my left hand! I know a lot of players know a lot about wood and how it’s built, and so on. Not me ! I am completely low-fi, and just go by feeling ! If it feels good, whatever it is, it is good to me! I’ve NEVER tried a guitar with a better neck than a Vigier. I am not being commercial here, I mean it!!!

3. Do you have any favorite bands/artists right now?

You’d be surprised but I listen to A LOT of Mutemath at the moment. This is intelligent pop/rock stuff with a lot of arrangements, an amazing singer/keyboardist, and intelligent lyrics. It’s clever yet easy to listen to, complex yet obvious, and very diverse. The melodies are strong and the kind of stick to your brain! The guitarist is more like a painter and he comes up with layers of guitar sounds just like colours or textures he adds to the music. He can also deliver some cool rock riffs, but it always takes you to unknown places. I love to surprised and they are very good at this!
I am also going through the whole catalog of Pantera at the moment. For some reason, I always come back to Dimebag when I want some hardcore nrg and still hear my metal dose for the day ;)

4. Your lesson videos (especially on slapping technique) are really popular. What is the number one tip you would give anyone on practicing?

It’s a very old video, and I am surprised it is that popular! I play all this stuff so much better nowadays, and there are so many players doing it WAY better than me! But whatever, it’s always good or the for your ego and the for a few seconds when you see the amount of connections. My best advice would be to really try to emulate a bass player, and try to copy some basic slap licks from the 70′s or the 80′s and then adapt it to the dimensions of the guitar. The you can try to add chords and guitar licks to make it sound a little different. Use heavy gauge (I use 11/54), and work with a metronome to be aware of the groove! But number one tip is : grow your thumb!


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5. If you could create an all-star band with yourself on guitar and anyone else, living or dead, on the rest of the instruments, who would be in it?

Bass : Les Claypool
Drums : Vinnie Colaiuta
Vox : Mike Patton
Horn Section : Mattias Eklundh, Guthrie Govan, Ron Thal !
Keyboards : are you kidding !? It’s supposed to be a rawk band ! No keyboards allowed…

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