Chris Buono Rocks Hendrix on FRETLESS!

On April 15th Vigier Guitars artist Chris Buono rocked a set of Jimi Hendrix tunes to a SRO crowd at the annual Brookdale Guitar Show exclusively on his Excalibur Surfreter Supra ! The set consisted of choice cuts from Jimi’s classic albums Are You Experienced?, Axis: Bold As Love and Electric Ladyland and a completely scary lineup made up of Tobias Ralph (Adrian Belew) on drums and Steve Jenkins (Vernon Reid, solo artist) on bass as well as Eryn Shewell (solo artist) on vocals. Buono lit the place up playing through barn burners like “Voodoo Chile” and “Red House”, kicked out the jams on riff-based standards like “Fire” and “Little Miss Lover”, and enthralled the capacity crowd with a dreamy take on the rarely played Hendrix ballad “May This Be Love.” But, what really had people slack-jawed was Buono’s command of chords and the infamous Hendrix rhythm style on celebrated tunes such as “Little Wing” and “The Wind Cries Mary.”

Be on the lookout for more Chris Buono and his fretless playing on tour with Karsh Kale and Rodney Holmes as a member of Lithium Tree!

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