Just a Few Stanley Jordan Videos…

Stanley Jordan is one of our most talented endorsees. He is an ANIMAL on the electric guitar. Most would be hard-pressed to find another guitarist who’s two handed technique is as clean and masterful as Stanley’s. I wanted to take a minute out and collect a few of the cooler videos I could find of the man showing us all what it means to master a guitar and make it an extension of yourself.

In most, if not all, of these videos he’s rocking out on an 80s Arpege guitar.

Here’s Stanley doing his rendition of Eleanor Rigby watch for the chin-slide at 4:27:

Follow after the jump for three more videos…

Here’s some vintage Stanley performing on Letterman, which I had posted earlier in the week on our official Facebook Page. What I really like about this video is his ability to cut through the mix so cleanly…

Another cover, this time of “Stairway to Heaven”. What I like about this cover is that both hands are equally expressive. When you listen to a lot of tapping guys, or even pianists, the left hand will oftentimes take a back seat to the right hand’s melody, but in his case they’re both hard at work. Check out the right hand. He really takes off around 4:48:

We’ll wrap this thing up with a classic off his seminal album Magic Touch , “The Lady in My Life”:

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