New Instruments from NAMM 2012

At this year’s winter NAMM, Vigier Guitars were thrilled to unveil a new instrument and a new version of a classic. Check out the press releases below!

Surfreter Imetal
The Second Generation of Surfreter is Here!

Excalibur Surfreter Special - Click to See Larger Image

Vigier, have once again refined their tightly honed luthier skills. This time, the French masters are improving the already legendary Surfreter by upgrading the fretboard material to a specially designed alloy called “Imetal.” This new chrome colored metal is harder than the previous Delta Metal, giving the guitar even more sustain. It is also more resistant to wear, does not tarnish and will shine forever. Excalibur Surfreter Supra & Special . Technology V Craftsmanship

Excalibur Special 7 - Click to See Full Instrument

Excalibur Special 7
One Beauty to Slay Them All

Taking a leap into 7 string mythology, Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, present one beauty to slay them all - the Excalibur Special 7. Nothing but the finest French woods are used in the Alder body/Maple top construction and to add to the sonic sorcery, it is complete with the Killswitch found on the Excalibur Bfoot and Kaos guitars. This monster of a guitar also features everything you have come to expect from Vigier; carbon reinforced 10/90 neck, tremolo pivoting on needle bearings, stainless steel frets, hardened removable zero fret, removable Teflon nut, oversized locking tuners, Flexretainer string tree, properly dried woods… the ultimate 7. Excalibur Special 7. Brutality V Refinement

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