In Memory of Shawn Lane


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the passing of Shawn Lane, Vigier, pioneers of carbon fiber technology, is proud to announce the limited edition Excalibur Shawn Lane Signature in Paradise White. Production will belimited to 10 guitars for the public.

Relatively unknown in France, this virtuoso guitarist inspired a cult following in the United States, so much so, that his signature model is now one of our best export models.

This special guitar incorporates all the unique features of the Excalibur Shawn Lane Signature, namely:
- A slightly shorter scale of 630mm (a typical Excalibur is 650mm)
- A flat fingerboard that allows the lowest possible action across the board.
- Guaranteed 0.7 mm on the 12th fret of the High E, and 1 mm on the Low E.

We’re confident this is the lowest supplied action of any production guitar!

Features unique to this collectors piece are; Paradise White color, clear pickguard, white pickup bobbins as well as special white control knobs and switches.

In photo is the first guitar numbered 0/10 for the Lane family.

Guitars are currently in production in our Grigny workshop near Paris and will be shipped later in October. Due to this very limited run, please contact your Vigier dealer right away, to secure your collectors piece Shawn Lane Master Signature.