Excalibur Shawn Lane Signature

Shawn Lane has been recognized as the fastest guitar player ever, but from our point of view, he was primarily a composer of melodies that deeply reached the soul. We made a unique Excalibur for him which features a flat fingerboard with probably the lowest string action in guitar-making history. He played this guitar from the day he got it until the day he sadly died in 2003. We kindly thank his family for allowing us to continue building Shawn’s signature guitar series.

Technical Specs

Excalibur Shawn Lane Master

Wood Maple
Construction Bolt-on
Width at Nut 1.65″ (42mm)
Width at 12th Fret 2.05″ (52mm)
Thickness at 1st Fret .77″ (19.5mm)
Thickness at 12th Fret .90″ (23mm)
Wood Rosewood
Radius Flat
Scale 24.8″ (630mm)
Nut Teflon
Frets Stainless Steel w/ Removeable Zero Fret
Action at 12th Fret
Treble .0275″ (.7mm)
Bass .0393″ (1mm)
String Spacing
At Nut 1.38″ (35mm)
At Bridge 2.08″ (53mm)
Wood Alder
Weight 6.61lbs (3kg)
Type Passive
Configuration H-S-H
Pickups DiMarzio
Neck DP194 PAF Classic
Middle DP110 FS-1
Bridge DP191F Air Classic
Controls Volume, Tone
Switch 5-way Blade
Bridge Vigier 2011
Machine Heads Vigier Locking

Available Finishes:

Clear Black
Clear Black (Shawn Lane Master)

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Natural Alder
Natural Alder (Shawn Lane Signature)

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